DIPC International Physics Colloquia (DIPC)

Scope & aim

The DIPC International Physics Colloquia (DIPC) is an initiative to arrange monthly colloquium-style talks by outstanding speakers covering all areas of natural sciences.

The intended audience of the colloquia are all interested scientists at the DIPC and neighboring institutes, from PhD student to professor and in all fields of physics and sister sciences.

Colloquium speakers are encouraged to give broadly accessible talks with emphasis on providing an overview and general ideas of their research field as well as a personal view of the open questions, grand challenges, and future research directions.

The DIPC colloquia are primarily addressed to scientists and may thus contain specialized and technical material, but they are open to anyone interested in science.

Coordinates & format

The colloquia will held in the DIPC lecture hall (building 1) and generally be scheduled on Thursdays in the afternoon. The duration of the talk is about one hour.

The DIPC will offer a small “askari/merienda” with drinks and snacks after the talk to make occasion to talk with the speaker and colleagues about the presentation.