DIPC International Physics Colloquia (DIPC)


Upcoming events

Date Speaker/Title
Thurs. July 27, 2023 16:00 Cecilia Clementi: (Title TBA)
Fri. May 19, 2023 16:00 Maciej Lewenstein: The coming decades of quantum simulators
Thurs. Apr. 27, 2023 16:00 Françoise Remacle: (Title TBA)
Thurs. March 23, 2023 16:00 Carlos Frenk: A conclusive test of the cold dark matter model

Past events 2020

Date Speaker/Title
Thurs. Jan. 30, 2020 16:00 Christian Joachim: The Nanocar Race I and II

Past events 2019

Date Speaker/Title
Thurs. Dec. 12, 2019 16:00 Peter Zoller: A Quantum Leap in Quantum Information
Thurs. Oct. 17, 2019 16:00 Priyamvada Natarajan: Stress-testing the cold dark matter model with gravitational lensing
Thurs. Sept. 19, 2019 16:00 Gerhard Hummer: Unexpected complexities of macromolecular diffusion in membranes and dense protein solutions
Thurs. June 13, 2019 16:00 David R. Nygren: The art of experiment and the pace of discovery in particle physics
Thurs. June 6, 2019 15:00 Alicia Sintes: Hunt for gravitational waves
Thurs. May 16, 2019 12:00 George F. Smoot: Gravitational Waves, Merging Black Holes and Merging Binary Neutron Stars
Friday May 10, 2019 12:00 Petra Rudolf: Molecular Motors and Switches at Surfaces
Thurs. Feb. 21, 2019 16:00 Jorge M. Pacheco: Evolutionary Game Theory of Cooperation: From Cells to Societies
Fri. Jan. 11, 2019 12:00 Mateo Valero: Barcelona Supercomputing Center – past, present, and future

Past events 2018

Date Speaker/Title
Thurs. December 13, 12:00 Simon White: Computer reconstruction of cosmic history
Thurs. November 15, 17:30 Thomas W. Ebbesen: The Alchemy of Vacuum – Hybridizing Light and Matter
Mon. October 29, 17:30 Mairi Sakellariadou: Science does not get along with make-dos, like models: it needs theories
Fri. October 5, 17:30 Michael Berry: Chasing the dragon: tidal bores in the UK and elsewhere
Wed. October 3, 12:00 Gerardus 't Hooft: Quantum black hole physics
Fri. September 28, 16:30 François Englert: Reconstructing the Universe
Thurs. September 6, 17:30 Andreas Heinrich: Quantum Nanoscience: Atoms on Surfaces
Thurs. July 12, 17:30 Daniel Loss: Quantum Computing and Spin Qubit Platforms
Thurs. June 14, 17:30 Christian Schönenberger: Cooper-pairs are nice, but split ones too!
Thurs. May 31, 17:30 Naomi Halas: Plasmonics: From Stained Glass to Sustainability and Societal Impact
Thurs. March 22, 16:30 Rafael Yuste: Is the brain an emergent physical system?
Thurs. January 25, 16:30 Ignacio Cirac: New frontiers in quantum optics and quantum information